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New Executive Board of the Polish Africanist Society

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On October 14, 2021, the General Meeting of the members of the Polish Africanist Society (PTAfr) was held in Warsaw, during which new authorities of the Society were elected. Dr. hab. Renata Diaz-Szmidt became new Chairwoman of the Board, while among other members of the body was also the Secretary of the Jagiellonian Research Center for African Studies, Dr. Joanna Mormul. (It is worth mentioning that in the previous two terms of office, the Director of the Center, Prof. Robert Kłosowicz, was a Board Member and its Vice-Chairman).

On October 29, 2021, at its first meeting, the new PTAfr Board chose from among its members the Vice-chairwoman (Dr. hab. Prof. of the University of Warsaw, Hanna Rubinkowska-Anioł), the Treasurer (Dr. hab. Wiesław Lizak) and the Secretary (Dr. Joanna Mormul).

Congratulations to the new Board and we wish you a lot of success!


The Executive Board of the Polish Africanist Society in the term of office 2021-2024:

  • Chairwoman of the Board - dr hab. Renata Diaz-Szmidt
  • Vice-chairwoman - dr hab. Hanna Rubinkowska-Anioł, prof. UW
  • Treasurer - dr hab. Wiesław Lizak
  • Secretary - Dr. Joanna Mormul

Board members: prof. dr hab. Maciej Ząbek, dr hab. Beata Wójtowicz, dr Izabela Will, dr Konrad Czernichowski